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Health and Fitness

Curves – Pinelands

Curves Pinelands

1 Logan Way, Howard Centre, Pinelands
Tel: 021 531 1114

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Now you can get the complete solution to weight loss. Only Curves Complete combines the right exercise with the right meal plan and one-on-one coaching to maximize fat loss and rev-up your metabolism. And as always, you get the support and encouragement of the Curves community to help you reach your goals.

Moving Arts

Moving Arts

Pilates in Pinelands
082 574 3375




About us

My journey of movement began with dance at the age of four. Ballet was my love and focus and it helped to lay the foundation for all future movement forms.  I went on to add jazz, contemporary and ball-room into my “movement enjoyment” portfolio.  I taught for a ballet studio in Rondebosch and Houtbay for a few years.  I then decided to continue on with my own dancing and danced professionally from the age of 21, later becoming part of the cast at Sun City, where I thoroughly enjoyed the exciting shows – 6, Movin’ and Fun & Games, later moving with the show to the Wild Coast.  On leaving the professional dance field I joined the fitness industry qualifying as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Aerobic Instructor and in 2002 as a Pilates Instructor and simultaneously worked for one of the leading Fitness Education companies for almost twelve years.  I continue to strive to increase my knowledge by attending a variety of Symposiums, courses and workshops.  I recently added the wonderful experience of Nia to my repertoire with the White Belt Intensive course and I am hoping to offer the joyous experience of Nia at the studio soon.  My belief in “Moving” to stay healthy and vibrant in life is reflected in my varied interests throughout my life like: Swimming, Ballet, Karate, Scuba Diving, Hiking & Running.  In reflection: “To move is to stay connected. Through movement we can experience our lives fully, vibrantly and with joy”.  My wish for my studio is that it is a place for you to “be”, a haven for you to experience the level of fitness you are looking for or to purely add moments of stillness and tranquillity in your day/life.  It can be as challenging as you wish or as subtle. Come and move &  breathe.




Swimmattix – Pinelands, Bergvliet ,Tokai , Athlone, Milnerton and Bellville

Become a part of the Swimmattix family

Office Tel: (021) 827 9768 | Office Hours: Weekdays 09H00 – 15H00 |  Email:

Our App: D6 Communicator

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and welcome to Swimmattix Swim School, where we believe that our swimmers learn best

through constructed play. 

Offering baby classes, children & adult swimming lessons, squad training, stroke correction and aqua classes.
We are the first & largest internationally trained & accredited swim school  in South Africa, and we start teaching from an young as
 3 weeks all the way to adults

Summer never ends at Swimmattix Swim School, with our indoor heated swimming pools we are able to teach throughout the year, Monday to Sunday. 

        Our pools: Pinelands,Bergvliet, Tokai, Athlone, Milnerton and  Bellville             Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 11.18.47 AM

Inversion Therapy – Inversion tables – Reduce back pain

Inversion Therapy – Inversion tables – Reduce back pain

About Inversion Therapy

Modern Inversion Therapy procedures have demonstrated multiple therapeutic possibilities that continue to expand.

Welcome to Inversion Therapy

Inversion Therapy was used as early as 400 BC by Hippocrates. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, suspended the patient on a ladder in an appropriate manner in order to allow gravity to exercise therapeutic traction. ”

In the 1960’s Dr. Robert Martin (a Californian osteopath, chiropractor and medical doctor) introduced the “Gravity Guidance System” which incorporates Inversion Therapy into these therapeutic procedures. These modern Inversion Therapy procedures have demonstrated multiple therapeutic possibilities that continue to expand.

How does an inversion therapy table operate?

The balance of Inversion Table is so precise that control of the rotation can be effected by simple arm movements. A tether strap allows the rotation to be arrested at any desired angle. Adjustable roller hinges allow adjustment of the rate of rotation. The table can be locked at 90° for full inversion in order to stabilize during exercise.

What are the benefits of inversion?

Spinal Column

Inversion induced stretching allows re- alignment of the vertebrae and relaxation of the vertebral muscles and ligaments, relieving pain and discomfort induced by inappropriate posture.


Inversion causes relaxation of somatic muscles of the body promoting and enhancing tissue perfusion with oxygenated blood .


Inversion causes relaxation of somatic muscles of the body promoting and enhancing tissue perfusion with oxygenated blood .

Intervertebral discs

Inversion causes decompression of the intervertebral discs in the spinal column allowing them to regain their elasticity and functional resilience.

Back ache

Inversion relieves pain and discomfort in the back caused by prolonged pressure on vertebrae, intervertebral discs, facet joints and pinched nerves.


Inversion increases general blood perfusion of the body oxygenation of the cells and tissues, improving cellular function, restoration and health.


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PrimeSelf – Functional, Effective Supplements
PrimeSelf – Functional, Effective Supplements


Office Hours: Mon-Thurs: 8h00-17h00 | Fri: 8h00-15h00 (excl. public holidays)

Contact Details: | 061 582 0219

For any enquiries, please feel free to use the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Click for Form

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Modern life demands more from us on a daily, so being on top of your game mentally and physically everyday is vital. Sadly, the health and supplement industry has misguided the masses into believing one of two things, either supplements don’t work or you need a ton of unnecessary junk to live a healthy lifestyle.

PRIMESELF® was formed with the core principle of bettering human health and wellness, by focusing on total mind and body connection. Not just bettering your physical health, but also targeting the driving-force, your brain.


Armed with carefully selected ingredients from mother nature, we wanted to make sure our products are at the forefront of cutting-edge science. We formulated all our products with science backed research and developed our functional supplement range from nootropics to performance enhancers and nutritional products.

With all the ineffective, underdosed and ‘cheaper’ products on the market, PRIMESELF® chose to take a different route. Not only did we want to make use of nature to power our products, we wanted to change the way we look at supplementation and health holistically. While developing our products, it became clear that most products on the market are focused on lowering production costs and cutting into effective dosing of ingredients. That’s where we wanted to be different. We made away with the approach of attempting to cut cost and dosing, rather doubling down on cutting-edge ingredient research in order to develop game changing formulations. Attracting attention from some of the foremost industry leaders in the process. 


PRIMESELF® was created with every individual in mind, from professional athletes, to high end CEO’s, to the everyday Joe looking for something to boost their general productivity. Anyone seeking to become a better self, their PRIMESELF.

Prime Self is not just a business, it’s a lifestyle – embrace it.

Tristan van Moerkerken | Founder & CEO

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