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Pool Services

Aquaflex – Solar

Aquaflex Solar

47 Paradise Road, Simon’s Town

Aquaflex manufactures solar pool blankets and Aquabubble pool covers for the prevention of water evaporation. Assists with heating your pool naturally. We also manufacture Aquapipe drain pipe extenders.


Getting a quotation for a pool cover from Aquaflex is as easy as 1 2 3.
1. Mail us a picture of your pool and the dimensions (Length and width ) to
2. Aquaflex will generate a quotation and return it to you, including product information sheets. If we need to do an onsight inspection we will arrange this with you.
3. If you are happy with everything that you see and are happy with the quotation, you fill out an order form and email it back to us.
We will get a quotation back to you within 5 hours.
Even with water restrictions, you can get full use of your pool without using water from the main supply. Cut evaporation down by 95% using a cover and keep your pool full using Aquapipe drainpipe extender.
Mail us at or call Russell 082 373 9130 for further information.

Aquapipe – R25.00/m – direct from us

Stodels Nurseries R29.95/m

Peninsula Pool Renovations
079 845 4445

Peninsula Pool Renovations

Contact Details

T: 021 532 2774

C: 079 845 4445

F: 086 636 4985


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Peninsula Pool Renovations



What we offer

  • Modifying the size and shape of existing gunite pools
  • Marble plaster lining of existing swimming pools
  • Fibreglass lining of existing swimming pools, both gunite and fibreglass shells
  • Removing bulges from fibreglass shells
  • Paving around the swimming pool area – Brick and Revelstone
  • Solar heating and Heat Pump installations
  • Installation of pumps, filters and salt chlorinators
  • Regular weekly and fortnightly pool service contracts
  • Bar and palisade type fencing
  • Online pool shop
  • Bar type swimming pool fencing
  • Electric fencing

Tom Botha – Owner

I have been involved in the swimming pool industry since 1984, when I began working in a pool shop during the school holidays.

Over the past 32 years I have accumulated extensive knowledge of the industry, having gained experience in the sales, service, construction, renovation, finishing and supply sides of the industry.

During this time I have won numerous National Pool and Spa Institute Gold and Silver awards for Swimming Pool Renovations with two companies I was involved with.

After careful consideration and with my experience in the industry, I have decided to form my own company, with the intention of providing a personalised service to the client.


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021 532 2774
Waterfront Pool Renovations

CONTACT Waterfront Pool Renovations

Tel: 021 – 593 8063
Fax2mail: 086 621 7462
Mobile: 082 441 4696


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P.O. Box 94 Maitland 7404
Member Master Builders & Allied Trades’ Association
Fibreglass Coatings CC  •  CK 91/22599/23




Waterfront Pool Renovations

WATERFRONT POOL RENOVATIONS, established in 1991, is a specialist business dedicated to fixing your pool renovation or structural repair needs.
Even though a well-built, properly maintained pool may never need to be repaired, over a period of time, deterioration is inevitable.
Minor leaks or problems can sometimes be fixed yourself. However old painted shells often peel, vinyl may puncture or tear, and marble plaster can eventually wear thin, become rough or even crack. Stubborn algae (particularly black algae), which is not checked may lead to deterioration which has to be repaired, and surrounds and copings may need to be replaced. Fibreglass pools which have faded or show osmosis can be re-lined and cracks can be repaired if necessary.
Fibreglass liners which have reached the end of their service life will have to be replaced.
Weirs, lights and aimflows may also need to be modernized. For these major repairs we offer our specialized services at reasonable charges.
As an owner-managed business, we are better able to offer you the detailed and specific repairs you need. With our practical hands-on approach you are assured that our quality is as good as can be achieved. We definitely offer you a better service and quality than obtained from larger service companies. We are members of the Master builders and Allied Trades association and are proud of our numerous NSPI Gold awards for renovation which we have been awarded over the years. We have renovated over 5,000 pools over more than twenty years.

Remember two adages, “Good quality is not expensive – it is price less”
And the Afrikaans saying “ Goed koop, koop is duur koop”. We thank you for the opportunity to quote on your repairs and hope that we may be of service to you.


Our Services

Fibreglass pools cape town

We specialize in renovations, either re-marble or using fibreglass to line gunite pools. Using the fibreglass method algae cannot root into a fibreglass lined pool and so the pool is much easier to maintain and chemical usage is vastly reduced.
There is much less wear and tear on the pool cleaner and the pump and filter load is significantly reduced. As an added benefit the water may be slightly warmer. The fibreglass liner is much less likely to stain. We empty the pool, clean and prepare the old surface and bond a layer of glass matt to the shell with a special isophtalic resin specifically formulated for pool applications. Where necessary we even apply a special epoxy primer for better adhesion.Our Specialist Swimming Pool Services include:
  • Fiberglass linings
  • Re-marble
  • Structural repairs
  • New Copings Installed
  • Weir, Light, Salt water chlorinator installations
Winner of Multiple NSPI Gold Awards for Pool Renovations

PAIA (Section 51) Manual







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