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Rainwater Harvesting

Aquarista Saving Water

Aquarista Saving Water

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Against a global rainfall average of 870mm per year, South Africa receives a pitiful 450mm, making it the world’s 30th driest country. By harvesting rainwater and making proper use of your greywater you can secure your water needs.

Dynamic Roof Cleaners & Painters

Dynamic Roof Cleaners & Painters

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Roof cleaning not only boosts your home’s curb appeal, it helps protect your investment.

The exterior of your home is exposed for all to see, and it will reflect heavily on your image. Ensuring great curb appeal is high on everyone’s maintenance budget. The exterior cleaning of your home is one of the improvements that will give you the best return on your investment.

Why you should clean

Dark stains on your roof can diminish the beauty of an otherwise gorgeous home and landscape. The dark stains can be caused by moss, lichens or algae. These small plants growing on your roof take root in the shingles and affect the appearance and functionality of your roof.

The good news is that your roof can be cleaned without causing damage. Roof cleaning is a fast, safe and affordable way to see results. If your roof is covered with algae stains, you can clean it and restore it to its original state.

In addition to diminishing the beauty of your home, algae can shorten your roof’s life span by causing shingles to lose their protective granules. When using a non-pressure, soft wash chemical application, the roof will be cleaned without damage. Unfortunately, some power washing systems can cause damage. These high pressure methods are never recommended.

In addition to affecting the appearance of your roof, roof stains can cause your utility bills to increase. Studies have shown that the darkening effect caused by roof stains trap excessive heat under the roof. In some cases, this can be by as much as 25 degrees. This heat shortens shingle life and increases air conditioning cost.


WaterStar – Watersavers

Are you still saving water?

9 Victoria Avenue, Hout Bay
Cape Town , Western Cape , South Africa, 7806

Phone: +21 791 0666
082 250 3898

About Us

We at WATERSTAR SAVERS are Committed in pursuing ways to save water.

We specialize in Water Conservation, which includes, Rain Water Harvesting; Pool Back Wash; Grey Water & Accessories.

Water Filtration Systems such as Under the Counter Reverse Osmosis, Pre & Post Filters: Ultraviolet Filters & More

Quality Pumps of All Types are also Available

We also sell Plumbing Pipes & Fittings from Trusted Brands such as Cobra, Marley, DPI Plastics & More

Save Water with Waterstar, Watersavers



Ito Joseph Chieppa

General Manager mCIOBs/a

Forty + years experience in the building industry. Started Solarstar 7 years ago concentrating on solar energy and Renewable Solutions. Since 2016 our water solutions has increased resulting in the opening of Waterstar in 2018. 

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