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Save Money

Handy Money Saving Tips


The Real Deal Online…. Western Cape’s BEST online directory brings you some handy hints on saving money!


Hang used teabags on the washing line…. They will be good for another few cuppa’s…. Just kidding… Let’s get started!


TIP ONE Turn the geyser off! Turn it on about an hour before you need it…. This will provide enough water for about two showers and the washing up!

TIP TWO Cleaning products cost a bomb! So why not make your own.Use 9 parts water to 1 part white vinegar. Mix ingredients in a spray bottle and clean away!

TIP THREE Buy fresh fruit and veg as and when needed to avoid things going vrot and having to be thrown out

TIP FOUR Don’t waste money on expensive pots for plants. Large dog food cans can be cleaned with vinegar or meths and then painted with an enamel based undercoat Leave for six hours then paint with a water based paint. Stab the bottom of the can fill with potting soil and bingo… Colourful plant pots!

TIP FIVE Only fill the kettle with the amount of water needed! (This tip is brought to you by my moaning minnie husband!)

TIP SIX Turn off the lights! If you are not in the room why leave the light on?! (Again brought to you by moaning minnie!)

TIP SEVEN If the shop is just round the corner walk instead of drive…. It’s good for the mind, body and soul not to mention the environment PLUS you save on petrol.

TIP EIGHT Don’t print out unnecessarily! AND use both sides of the paper.

TIP NINE Set your washing machine to no higher then 60 degrees. It does the job and saves big time on lekkie!

TIP TEN Cash is king! If you can’t afford it don’t by it… CREDIT KILLS!

TIP ELEVEN Water the garden before the sun is up or once it has gone down. Water directly at the root of the plant.

TIP TWELVE Don’t waste money on expensive plants. Take cuttings from friends and family’s gardens. Root them in a little water then plant them up! Not only is it rewarding that you have grown your own! It saves bucks big time!

TIP THIRTEEN Don’t waste money on expensive air fresheners. Dot a few saucers around the house and fill with vinegar. This will neutralise smells. If you want the house to smell of something burn incense sticks.

TIP FOURTEEN If you are gonna cook…. Cook a bulk batch and freeze. This work well with many dishes….

TIP FIFTEEN  Invest in a gas bottle and use it when cooking food that doesn’t require the oven.

TIP SIXTEEN Vinegar is great as a hair conditioner. You can also boil up some rosemary and bottle it. Leave it for about a week then pour over the hair once washed.(Don’t wash off)  Bingo! shiny, healthy great smelling hair!

TIP SEVENTEEN Don’t waste money on bottled water. What comes out the tap is fine to drink.

TIP EIGHTEEN If you have a dripping tap… Get if fixed! If you don’t have the bucks for a plumber collect the water and use it for the garden or to wash the car etc….

TIP NINETEEN Don’t buy new books…. Use the library or charity shops…. Then pass them on!

TIP TWENTY Stop smoking! If you don’t smoke stop something!



To suck up hard-to-reach gunk under your fridge, or behind a bookshelf, insert an empty paper towel roll into the end of your vacuum cleaner and bend, or flatten it, to squeeze into these difficult spots.

Instead of tossing your daily rag in the recycling bin, use the newspaper as mulch and deter noxious weeds. Simply wet the sheets and put the layers around your plants and garden beds, covering with soil as you go. The weeds won’t be able to get through the wet newspaper layers.

Wrap cheese chunks in aluminium foil and store in the fridge to keep your cheddar fresher for longer and to keep mould out.

If you have the kind of blood that attracts mosquitoes like a moth to a flame, then listen up. To keep the pesky blood suckers at bay, place a fabric softener dryer sheet in your pocket. Mosquitoes are repelled by the scent and you’ll smell like summer breeze all night!

Add garlic immediately to a recipe if you want a subtle taste and towards the end to blast it with flavour.

Gum stuck to clothes. Boil vinegar, and pour on gum. Use a brush to wipe off. Gum will come off instantly.

Soak old paintbrush in hot vinegar for 30 minutes and good as new.


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